My Seaside Themes Page

I've always liked the sights and sounds of the English sea-side. I thought I might try my hand at modelling a few sea-side scenes for the site. The originals are 2048x1536 pixels, but I can re-render them in any size. The post-production filters are applied in Photoshop and give the images a hand-drawn look.

If I wasn't a professional programmer, I think I would probably like to create 3d models for a living. I would definitely like to do at least another four of these to refine my technique. Who knows, one day my skills might progress into a more commercial area.

These images are copyrighted and cannot be used without my express permission. Thanks.

Bucket and Spade
Deck Chairs
Deck Chair Rental
Rowing Boat

All Images © 2006 Richard Gunn - All Rights Reserved

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