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POVRAY is an excellent, free ray-tracer that's been around for a few years now. There is a huge amount of POVRAY related-material on the net, which pursuaded me to give it a try. POVRAY has it's own scene description language that is structured in similar way to modern programming languages. In a way, you're writing a program to produce to a final image - this appeals to me a great deal. Some amazing images can be created from a relatively small amount of POVRAY code.

Visit the official POVRAY Home Page to download the latest version.

Test Renders

I like to doodle in order to test POVRAY features and develop techniques. More often than not, this produces pleasing images. I'll be posting them here as they can make interesting desktop wallpapers.

01 Aug 2001
Sphere 01
02 Aug 2001
Sphere 02
02 Aug 2001
Sphere 03
03 Aug 2001
Sphere 04
Sentinel v1 Feb 2003
Sentinel v1
Sentinel v2 Apr 2003
Sentinel v2
Desktop 1 Jan 2005
Desktop 01
Desktop 2 Jan 2005
Desktop 02
Desktop 3 Jan 2005
Desktop 03
Desktop 4 Jan 2005
Desktop 04

Blade Runner - Tyrell Corporation Building

In December 2000, I decided to have a go at modelling something fairly complex in POVRAY. This was going to be my first project and as I had already decided that I wasn't going to use a 3D modeller, I chose the Tyrell Building (pictured below) because of it's straight lines and symmetrical shape would be relatively straightforward to describe using POVRAY's own scene description language.

Tyrell Corporation Building Up until recently, my only reference for the building shape and detail were the images that I had grabbed from the Blade Runner DVD (image to the left). I now have a copy of Don Shay's "Blade Runner: The Inside Story" to work from which contains several detailed photo's of the Tyrell Building model used in the film.

In the end, I abandoned the project leaving the current state somewhere between 40-45% complete. It became obvious that hand-coding geometry wasn't the right way to go and it was about this time that I discovered Wings3D which can export to POVRAY and made creating 3D models so much easier. POVRAY is an excellent ray-tracer, but it ought to be used with a modeller to get the best out of it - used it to render my steam engine model.

Test Render One of the final renders (image to the right) I ran before abandoning the project. Every aspect of the this image is hand-coded. The geometry was worked out on paper and transformed manually using POYRAY's scene description language, the lights were positioned use hand-coded co-ordinates and even the textures were generated using hand-coded parameters. Working 'blind' like this is definitely not the way to create rendered images, but it does help you to visualise a 3d space in your mind while working on a project.

I thought I might come back and restart the project using Wings3D to model the building and bump-maps to fake the detail, but I haven't yet.

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