My Other Stuff

This is a just of collection of mini-projects that I've been working on over the years. Some never reached a state of completion, so they're posted here just as filler really.


My BladeZone Banners

Between the years 2001 and 2005 I managed the content for BladeZone - during that time I created quite a few banner graphics to go with the articles.

Link to BladeZone Banners

My Film Ratings

This is a list of films that I have rated - I have seen more films than listed here, but many were viewed long before I started actively recording my viewing history, so they have been omitted.

I created this list from my film database - it's a web application I developed to track my film viewing. I want to keep track of all the films I've seen, make notes on them and rate them. I do this in an effort to avoid repeat viewings of films I've already seen and to better judge new films. It has also helped me evaluate potential purchases.

My Freeware

There's not much here at the moment, although I would like to expand this section in future.

Link to My Freeware Page

My Web Links

A collection of links to web-sites that I have found myself regularly visiting.

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