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I regularly write small applications for my own personal use. Every now and again, I'll release them as freeware. As you can tell, that doesn't happen very often...

Tile Screen Saver - August 2005

Tile Saver is an image slideshow screen saver which transitions from image to image using a 'tile flip' animation. Tile Saver can display most images of any size or format (jpg/png/bmp) - just point it at your image directory and off it goes.

Tile Saver was created using the combination of two different developement languages - PureBasic for the configuration application and Blitz 3D for the actual screen-saver.


  • Windows only (sorry Linux)
  • 3D Graphics card
  • DirectX 7 or above

Download Link:

Example Transition:

Tile Saver - Frame 1 Tile Saver Example
Frame 1
Tile Saver - Frame 2 Tile Saver Example
Frame 2
Tile Saver - Frame 3 Tile Saver Example
Frame 3
Tile Saver - Frame 4 Tile Saver Example
Frame 4
Tile Saver - Frame 5 Tile Saver Example
Frame 5
Tile Saver - Frame 6 Tile Saver Example
Frame 6

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