My 3D Projects

My primary past-time has always been programming and very time consuming it is too. But if I wasn't a programmer, I would definitely liked to have been a 3D modeller.

Ever since the 1980's, when I saw films like "Tron" and "The Last Starfighter", the idea of creating "virtual realities" has really appealed to me. It's impressive to realize that any image you care to imagine can now be created on a computer.

Towards the end of the 1990's, I started thinking about ways that I might get started producing images on my computer and found that there was a thriving community experimenting with a free ray-tracing application called POVRAY. This appealed to me, as POVRAY has it owns scene description language, which as a programmer, crossed over right into my main area of interest.

My Seaside Themes Page

I've always liked the sights and sounds of the English sea-side. I thought I might try my hand at modelling a few sea-side scenes for the site.

Link to My Seaside Themes Page

My Wings3D Page

Up until I discovered Wings 3D, I found the process of creating 3D models pretty frustrating. But not any more. This fantastic FREE modeller is so intuitive and easy to use. Although the software is still very much in development, the quality and amount of features already implemented are more than enough to create some great models.

Link to My Wings3D Page


POVRAY is an excellent, free ray-tracer that's been around for a few years now. There is a huge amount of POVRAY related-material on the net, which pursuaded me to give it a try. POVRAY has it's own scene description language that is structured in similar way to modern programming languages. In a way, you're writing a program to produce to a final image - this appeals to me a great deal. Some amazing images can be created from a relatively small amount of POVRAY code.

Link to My POVRAY Page

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