Films: Brazil (1985)

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Plot Summary:

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Sam Lowry is a harried technocrat in a futuristic society that is needlessly convoluted and inefficient. He dreams of a life away from the technology and overpowering bureaucracy where he can spend the rest of eternity with the woman of his dreams.

While trying to rectify the wrongful arrest of one Harry Buttle, Lowry literally meets the woman of his dreams, Jill Layton. Meanwhile, the bureaucracy has concluded that he is responsible for a rash of terrorist bombings, and both Sam and Jill are now deemed to be enemies of the state.

My Comment

Work, consume and be happy, but keep an eye on your neighbours - they could be terrorists! The Government owns you and don't you forget it!

The bureaucratic nightmare depicted here is scarily close to where we're heading today. Mass surveillance, fascist police, government through fear and a huge divide between the rich and the poor. The parallels are frightening.

There are some truly laugh out loud moments and a few dream-like sequences that may seem baffling at first - therefore repeated viewings are recommended to get the most out of this film!

This film has one of the catchiest theme songs you'll ever hear - you'll be humming it for weeks. Watch out for Robert De Niro in one of his most unusual cameo roles.

Avoid the heavily cut versions - they have as much as 40 minutes (!) cut from them and a happy ending tacked on the end.

In Summary, this is Monty Python meets Nineteen Eighty Four. Prophetic. Fantastic. Brilliant.

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