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(This section is due for an over-haul. I no longer maintain BladeZone and it's been over 6 years since I created those desktops at a time when the most common resolution was 800x600. This whole section needs expanding and those desktops need updating.)

- Richard Gunn, Feb 2008

Los Angeles
Figure: Los Angeles, 2019

Plot Summary

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The year is 2019. The setting is Los Angeles, a huge, sprawling, urban jungle that is home to a diminishing population who must endure the radiation left over from the nuclear war. Their only hope of escape is a space shuttle ticket to the Off-World colonies, where most of the Earth's population have already fled.

Deckard is a Blade Runner, a police-sponsored Bounty Hunter of the future, who hunts down and terminates artificially created human beings, known as "Replicants". He had already left the job through mental burn out, but is pulled back from retirement by his old boss Harry Bryant, when 4 "skin jobs" hijack an Off-world shuttle and return to Earth.

Deckard must hunt down and "retire" the illegals before the rest of the population figure out what's going on and take matters into their own hands.

My Comment

With it's fantastic, incredibly detailed visuals, lavish musical score and thought provoking storyline, Blade Runner is simply the best film I ever seen. Since it's release in 1982, Blade Runner has attracted a loyal following of dedicated fans who continue to discuss and analyse every last detail of this incredibly complex film.

This is not a Hollywood blockbuster action film - instead it questions what it is to be human and how do we differentiate ourselves from animals. The film is packed with all sorts of references and must be viewed several times - you'll notice something new every time and be amazed at what you missed in the previous viewings. The music score by Vangelis must be the best movie soundtrack ever recorded - it's available on CD and is a must if you enjoy the film.

Although, this film is based on the novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" by Philip K Dick, it is not a direct translation and therefore is significantly different from the book.

In my opinion, this is Harrison Ford's best film although Rutger Hauer does steal it from him at the end.

There are 3 distinct versions of the film; a Work-Print version (preview screenings 1982), a Theatrical/Voice-Over version (cinema release 1982) and a Director's Cut version (cinema release 1992). To mark the 25th anniversary of the original cinema release, a new Special Edition DVD has now been released containing the 3 versions mentioned plus a new Director's Final Cut version. I recommend you see them all.

In Summary, for me this is the best Science-Fiction film yet made. Minor flaws don't detract. Brilliant.


I used to create and maintain the movie image library for Bladezone and the desktop themes and wallpapers section. I thought it only fair that I contributed some of my own work to the site and have also made it available here.

Desktop 01 - 800 x 600 (123K) Desktop 01
Desktop 02 - 800 x 600 (89K) Desktop 02
Desktop 03 - 800 x 600 (101K) Desktop 03
Desktop 04 - 800 x 600 (104K) Desktop 04

These four images represent some of my favourite lines from the movie. I actually put them together for a screen saver that I've created, but I have found they make nice wallpapers too.

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