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Welcome to Deckard World Online, the personal homepage of Richard Gunn.


30 Jan 2009 Improved the layout of My Film Ratings. Each section has a fixed height with the content scrollable within it. No frames used.

I've tested the changes against all my browsers (see Browser Compatibility) and found that all the browsers (including IE7) work fine with it.
29 Jan 2009 Had to tweak the site stylesheet so Internet Explorer would display the thumbnail galleries properly.
24 Nov 2008 Zend Certifcation Logo Today I took the Zend PHP Certification exam and passed (yay!) - I am now a Zend Certified PHP5 Engineer.
30 Oct 2008 The next release of Ubuntu (Intrepid Ibex) has arrived. You can download the Live CD version which allows you try Ubuntu without actually installing it - why not give it a try?

Ubuntu Home Page
15 Mar 2008 For UK broadband users, check out these two excellent sites:
  • My Broadband Speed to test your current connection speed
  • Sam Knows Broadband for information on the latest broadband connection services available on local phone exchange (use the "Exchange Search" facility)
15 Feb 2008 Added My GTML Page - I use this Perl script to manage this site. I plan to use this page to post tips for using it.
12 Feb 2008 I decided to re-theme the site...this was a major over-haul, taking several days - but, I think it was worth it. The new theme is a lot cleaner and much gentler on the eye.
05 Feb 2008 Added My Film Ratings. Why? Who knows...
09 Feb 2007 Added a fews notes about HD Tune, a freeware Hard Drive Diagnostic tool that I used recently.
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